Your purchase makes a difference

When you purcahse a bag of Ashanti coffee, you are making a difference. 

Ashanti coffee is proud to support the farmers and their familes that work hard to plant, grow and pick the coffee that we love. 

We, at Ashanti, believe in the equal and fair opportunity to education. We have a big focus on providing education to the farm worker's children. Below you can see David and Kelsey visiting the farm school and students.

 Ashanti Coffee would like to congratulate the following students that have gone on to have exceptional careers. 

John Nyenyedzi - teacher, Joseph Mareere - -forester, Gordib Mutowo - teacher, Nomsa Nyenyedzi - nurse, Brenda Nyenyedzi - accountant, Rumbidzai Nyenyedzi - electrical engineer, Coleen Mutowo - nurse, Doreen Muchayakanyi - doctor, Doreen Richard - teacher, Betty Kichini - teacher, Morgan Chakonesa mechanic, Kudzai Siganeni - engineer, Shylet Sigangeni - lab tachnologist, Alfred Khumalo - teacher, Winnet Khumalo - ploce officer, Mike Manhombori - police officer, Mutsitsiko - police officer.

Please check out the students singing and dancing,

performing the Ashanti song,